Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Day To Enter To Win $1000!!

Enter to win $1000 here.

$25 Regal Cinemas Gift Card Giveaway!! Ends 4/3

Bay Area Mommy is giving away a $25 Regal Cinemas gift card! Perfect for those of you who are planning a date night with your loved one!

Click here to find the nearest Regal Cinema in your area. The gift card:

  • is honored, just like cash, at the box office or concession counter.
  • is welcome to be redeemed for advance ticket purchases - at the Theatre Box Office.
  • cannot be redeemed online at, or
  • cannot be redeemed for cash unless required by law.
  • has no expiration date or dormancy fees.
  • cannot be applied toward the purchase of Super Saver tickets (VIP, Premiere or Ultimate Movie Packs)
  • is redeemable at any Regal Entertainment Group location nationwide (Regal Cinemas, Edwards Theatres or United Artists Theatres).

The giveaway will run until April 3. 18+, US only. Thank you for entering and good luck!

Friday, March 30, 2012

$30 PayPal or a Pampering Set, Laptop Bag, and Water Bottle, Your Choice Ends 4/2

My Charmed Mom asked if I would help promote her giveaway and I am more than happy to do so.


As promised, here's the second part of my Going Away Giveaway!

For this giveaway one lucky winner will receive either a pampering set, laptop bag, and water bottle or  $30 Paypal Cash!

Use the Rafflecopter form below to cast your entries. Make sure you read first the Terms and Conditions before entering. Giveaway runs until April 2 11:59 EDT.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bloggers, Sign Up For Free To Give Away a Kindle

If you want to increase your Facebook fans and gain more exposure this is the way to do it.  The giveaway will run from 4/9 to 4/30.  It is absolutely free to sign up, you just have to promote the giveaway at least twice per week for the 3 weeks that the giveaway is live.  Sign up here.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Soda Stream Giveaway 2 of 2 Ends 4/6

I was asked to help promote a giveaway for a SodaStream by 2 different blogger friends.  This one is from The Deals and More and you can find the other one here.

 Review by: The Deals and More

I had the wonderful opportunity to try out the amazing SodaStream. I love the idea of how you can make your own fresh soda any time you want just by using simple tap water, the machine, and syrups/flavors. I'm not a huge soda fan but my kids are. I try to limit their intake of soda because of all the sugar in them and this is the perfect alternative to buying cans or 2 liter bottles. The one thing I LOVE about this machine is that my kids can help make the soda. I will carbonate the water, the kids will choose what ever flavor of soda they want, I pour out the right amount of syrup into the hand dispensing/measuring lid and they will help pour and mix the soda. I find that the liter bottle is the perfect size to make for my family of 4. Everyone can have a glass and then I don't have to worry about left over soda in the bottle to go flat.

We are still working on the couple of flavors that are open but I love the wide variety of flavors. I can even make flavored water. There are so many different choices to choose from that SodaStream has you covered. If you (or your family) like soda I think this is a must to try. I personally like the naturals because I'm not a big splenda fan and I love that I can always tweak the syrup to the amount I want. I can't wait to try some of the other flavors in the naturals.

Now for the best part, the giveaway.
Here is what you will be entering to win:

  • Fountain Jet – winner’s choice of color (black/silver, red/silver or white)
  • 1 carbonating bottle, reusable for up to 3 years
  • Reusable carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda
  • Variety 6-pack of popular sample-size flavors
  • 3 full-sized flavors of the winner’s choice

Soda Stream Giveaway 1 of 2 Ends 4/3

I was asked to help promote a giveaway for a SodaStream by 2 different blogger friends so this is one of them from Powered By Mom and the other can be found here.  The giveaway is after the review.  Thanks for entering and good luck!

Go green, save money, less sugar, less carbs and it's easy to make! You'll love the Sodastream.

The Sodastream system is the new way to make soda inexpensively, is better for the environment, you can make your soda in 30 seconds or less, and you have a variety of flavors at your fingertips! Turn your tap water into soda and reduce your CO2 footprint! SodaStream is an "Active Green" product, meaning that consumers are actively reducing their CO2 footprint every time they make soda or sparkling water at home instead of buying it from the store. Now who wouldn't want a chance to win one of these? Read on and find out how to enter to win one of your very own!

Bloggers, Free Giveaway Event

Are you looking to increase your Facebook fan base without having to pay to participate?  Join myself and several other bloggers in a giveaway for $100 PayPal cash.  Cute E-Cakes will be providing the prize.  Sign up to participate here.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Get Skinny Book & $10 Amazon GC Giveaway!! Ends 4/1

I am helping promote a giveaway for a Get Skinny book and $10 Amazon gift code.  This review was written by Penny Pincher Jenny.

 I was selected to review and giveaway a copy of Get Skinny, a Six Week Body Challenge written by Scott Schmaltz. Scott Schmaltz is a personal trainer of over 10 years and has already co-authored the book The Couch Potato: Family Edition. I was very excited at the timing of this review. My gym recently closed and I have been using what I learned there that could be done at home as well as other work out videos. 

My absolute favorite part of this book was the exercise pictures and the step by step directions. Each week of the book has 5-10 pages of pictures and directions for exercises that I can do at home with equipment I already have! Scott does a great job of breaking down how your posture should be and what to do for the work out as well as the recommended weights for both men and women! The plan breaks down what a man should do and what a woman should do or aim to do. This is awesome for me since I know my husband will never pick up a book to read I can now reference back to this book for the information. 

I am also impressed with the breakdown of the health components of the nutrients of food. So many diets tell you what to eat and when with how much. Scott breaks down why you need the nutrients, the good, the bad, and how to move forward. So much of it is easy to forget, it was a great refresher for me but I also love how I was able to sticky my sticky note tabs on these breakdowns for an easy refresher when I need that “reminder”. Menus are also given within the book using food easily found in any supermarket in the United States. The one thing I didn’t care for in the meal plan is to get recipes for the meals you have to go to his site to buy them. 

My first impression is that the book is a dry read the information is laid out in a way that is easy to use as a reference tool. I have taken sticky notes to my favorite workouts and also the nutrimental information to reference back to as well. I have gained a ton of refresher and new knowledge and hope you are able to as well. 

Now for the fun part! I was given a copy of the book to review and one to giveaway!  I am also including a $10 Amazon gift card. All of the opinions in this review are of my very own thoughts and opinions on this book. Enter on the Rafflecopter below- all entries will be verified.  Thanks for entering and good luck!!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Madness $25 PayPal Giveaway!! Ends 3/31

I have teamed up with a bunch of great bloggers to bring you a giveaway for $25 PayPal!!  Who couldn't use a little extra cash?

The giveaway is open worldwide and ends at 11:59pm on March 30th.  Good luck everyone!!


Get Fit While Listening To Your Favorite Tunes!! Ends 3/26

I am helping promote a great giveaway from Mom Does Reviews.  The giveaway is for the Fit Moms For Life Book and a $15 iTunes gift card!!

Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay your Kids: Book Review & Giveaway with a $15 iTunes Gift Card Giveaway!

by Dustin Maher, America's Trainer to Moms

Dustin's new book, Fit Moms For Life chronicles the successes of 31 mothers who used Dustin’s fitness and weight loss program with stellar successes. Armed with personal stories with before and after photos, Dustin takes the reader through the five pillars of fitness: Mindset, Nutrition, Strength Training, Burst Training, and Environment. Ultimately leading to the end goal: Staying Fit for Life. Fit Moms for Life is perfect for Mothers (and women in general) who want a fitness program that works. Dustin Maher says:
  • Traditional Cardio Doesn’t Lose Fat
  • You Can’t Work Out to Compensate for Poor Eating
  • See Results 9 Times Faster With Burst Training
  • Learn ONE Exercise That Shrinks a Waistline WITHOUT diet changes
  • Burn Fat While You Sleep
  • A Healthy Environment Equals A More Fit Family
About the author: Dustin’s inspiration to help moms comes from his nurturing upbringing and continued close relationship with his own mom. Dustin has helped thousands of women get in amazing shape all over the US and the world. He has been on TV close to 100 times and has been in many magazines, newspapers, radio shows, has over 250 YouTube videos, and over 450 articles and videos on his website. To learn more, please checkout Dustin’s website at

Review by Mom Does Reviews:

Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids seems like the most fun and logical way for moms to get in shape. The whole book is based on common sense and tested theories. There are so many success stories throughout the book.  After reading it I felt ready to jump up and start exercising. The whole concept is a positive approach to getting the "old me" back after having kids, health problems, emotional problems and more. My favorite chapter in the book is Chapter 5: Food as Fuel. The 16 Rules to Eat By made me rethink my whole grocery shopping experience, cooking style and menu planning. My favorite rule, #13, Give yourself 2 to 3 cheat meals a week, really sold me on Dustin's Fit Moms experience. If you know you can indulge and have pizza and a greasy cheeseburger, you will be more likely to stick to your diet the other 33 meals that week. Often times after I splurge on one "bad meal," I get discouraged and don't go back to my diet. I am punishing myself for not having willpower to Just Say No to that huge ice cream sundae. Knowing its OK to cheat occasionally makes the program more realistic for me and many other moms! The New Rules of Cardio chapter was also a winner! The whole concept of cutting out that 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical was the best news I've heard all day. I love the idea of doing Burst Training. You would do high impact or high intensity training for 10 secs to 1 minutes (like climbing the stairs, swimming, jumping jacks, even laying on the floor throwing a tantrum) then you let your body recover. At first your rest period is 4 times as long as the work period, but as you get fitter, you can cut the ratio down until you are doing 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. This raises the heart rate and burns more calories than spending hours burning a low number of calories. Other things I loved about Fit Moms for Life:
  • This book was written for moms, not overweight middle-aged men. It relates everything to mom-type activities. It makes the book so much easier to relate to.
  • We learn to change our minds first in order to change our bodies! Put yourself first, believe change is possible, get rid of negative influences and practice positive thinking are areas that mom's tend to put away when they have children. It's hard to take time for yourself, but it's so important.
  • There is a workbook/journal section for documenting your journey. Nothing helps you stick to you goals more than putting it in writing. Having a place to put your beginning and before pictures and measurements will help you see what you can and have accomplished.
  • There is a chapter dealing with creating a fit atmosphere for your whole family. My son needs a more active lifestyle! He learns to be a TV, computer and gaming boy by watching his parents. I need to take Dustin's advice and Keep Moving!
  • The book includes FREE Bonuses! Who doesn't love getting things for free? There are 2 video series, an audio Flat Stomach Coaching Series and downloadable report on How to Make this your Fittest Year Ever.
  • Dustin's Blog is a wealth of information. It highlights success stories, boot camps, Mama tones, supplements and more. Visit his blog here.
Overall, Mom Does Reviews gives Fit Moms for Life 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this book to any mom who feels like they can't get their old body back. You can do it with Fit Moms! Be sure to sign up for Dustin's FREE newsletter here. Don't forget to follow Dustin on Twitter and like him on Facebook.

The Giveaway:

One lucky winner will win Dustin's Fit Moms for Life and a $15 gift card to iTunes! Get fit and get tunes - all in one giveaway! Giveaway ends 3/27 at 12:01am. Giveaway is open to US only. Enter on the easy Rafflecopter below. Disclosure: I received this book for review purposes, I was not given any monetary compensation. I only recommend products that are good for my readers. All opinions are my own.
~Pam from Mom Does Reviews


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fit Moms For Life Giveaway!! Ends 3/20 CLOSED

I'm helping promote a giveaway for a great book, Fit Moms For Life.  Here is Penny Pincher Jenny's review:

I am so excited to bring you this review and giveaway! I was selected to receive a copy of Dustin Maher's Fit Moms for Life. I have had the chance to work with Dustin in his mommy blogger contest and look forward to participating in that next month. Being able to physically read and markup his book, (Yes I am one of those readers) has been a blast and it was extremely refreshing. I have been in a deep fitness rut/funk for a while and as I have shared with you before am currently trying to lose weight. If you haven't heard of Dustin Maher before I recommend his website and you can read and see the results of his program.
There are so many things to say about this book. The number one thing about it is it will tie into your life somehow, no matter your stage of your life. I really felt like someone was sitting there encouraging rather than lecturing me with his dialogue through the whole thing. His down home Minnesotan boy persona shines throughout the whole book and makes it an easy read. I have read so many books on the topic of fitness, weight loss, and what not that seemed like a drill sergeant or your dad was standing there telling you what to do. The book goes into huge detail on so many keys to a healthy life. These are the ones that really hit home for me personally.
  • Planning - I can vouch that if I don’t plan it goes down the drain and I get nowhere. Then I wonder why I even bothered.
  • Recording progress - So often the change is little so that you will get discouraged if you can’t visually see yourself changing. You can look back and see the inches falling off on paper, the habits changing, and your abilities improving.
  • Don’t be a slave to cardio and how to work out at home with weights affordably.
  • The importance of me time. If you just laughed and said, "What's That?" it’s a sign this book is meant for you.
  • It’s a way of life not a diet
  • How to get the kids involved and how to help your children live a healthy life style without the “d word”
  • What to eat and not to eat and how to work it into the schedule of a mom
Now what really makes this book hit home is the stories from Dustin’s clients. Moms, as a whole, relate to other moms' struggles so I loved being able to read how so many of these women were in my position and now look the way they look. When I first got the book, I had set it on the table, face down for some reason, and happened to glance over. In nice red letters by Dustin’s face is “Who is taking care of YOU?”, that was a reality check for me. Now for the fun part, I was given a copy of the book to review and one to giveaway! All of the opinions in this review are of my very own thoughts and opinions on this book!! Enter on the rafflecoptor below- all entries will be verified.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Knork Giveaway - CLOSED

Are you ready for a Super Giveaway Event with the chance to win an amazing prize? I am so excited to share KNORK with all of you!
KNORK enhances the dining experience by integrating a fork with the functionality of a knife built in. And they are AWESOME!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Soda Stream Giveaway!! Ends 3/20

I am helping out a fellow blogger to promote her awesome giveaway for a Soda Stream.  I have wanted to win one so badly and have been entering every giveaway out there for one.  I hope one of my readers wins one so just fill out the Rafflecopter form below and come back everyday for extra entries :)  You can read the review here.

1 winner will win a Fountain Jet Soda Lover's Start-Up Kit ($99.95) which includes:

  • A fountain jet in the winner's color of choice (Black/Silver, Red/Silver, or White)
  • 1 Carbonating bottle, reusable for up to 3 years
  • Reusable carbonator to carbonate up to 60 liters of soda
  • Variety 6 pack of popular sample size flavors
  • 3 full sized flavors of the winner's choice

Good luck everyone!!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Earning Extra Money Online

Since I was in college I have been doing surveys and other things online to get some extra cash.  Everyone knows a college student is living on fixed income and anyone who knows me know that I have been supporting myself financially since I got my first real job when I was 15 so anything I needed or wanted was paid for by me, my parents don't work because of their poor health so I never received financial help.  I admit I was a little jealous of some of my college friends that got help from their parents but in the end I am kind of glad I didn't get help because it forced me to be more independent and responsible.  Growing up my older sister would work 2 jobs in order to help my parents out and make sure my brother and I always had everything we needed.  My parents were both born and raised in South Africa so they were raised very differently.  They went to the US so that we could have a better life and have more opportunities.

Well enough of my background and onto what this blog post is about, making money online.  There are so many ways to earn money online like doing surveys, searching the internet, and opening emails.


SurveySpot: The best survey taking website I have come acrossThe threshold for cashing out is only $10 (1000 points) and right after you finish a survey the points are immediately in your SurveySpot account. Once you have enough to cash out you can either use PayPal (which is also immediately in your PayPal account as soon as you cash out) and then send it to your linked bank account (which takes a few days) or you can request a check to be mailed to you but that takes a few weeks. PayPal is definitely the better option in my opinion.

American Consumer Opinion: I have $38 in this account right now. I'm not sure if there is a threshold for this website but when you decide to cash out you can either request a check to be sent, you can donate the amount to charity, or you can have the money sent to your Paypal account.  They sometimes send your products to try if you qualify for the survey so you get a free product as well as the money for completing the survey.  They also have monthly drawings just for being a member.

Opinion Outpost:  This site sends me a lot of surveys that I qualify for and I reach the cash out threshold pretty quickly.  You can either request a check or have the money transferred to your PayPal account.

Toluna:  This site invites you to participate in surveys for $1 to $3 each but converts this into points where 3,000 points = $1.  The threshold for cashing out on this site is $10 which comes in the form of a check or PayPal.  They have "Interest Surveys" to make sure you get invited to surveys that fit your demographics.  They also have featured polls which are 15 points each and sometimes there are sponsored polls for anywhere from 90 points to 210 points.  They also email you with surveys from 900 points or more.  Finally they have a section where you can apply to be a product tester for new products that companies are rolling out.

Mindfield Online:  This site only has a threshold of $5 and I get emails quite often from them.

Valued Opinions:  This site is good because it sends you invitations to surveys that you will most likely qualify for.  There have only been a handful of surveys that I was invited to but did not qualify for.  The surveys pay typically between $2 and $5 and once you reach $20 you can redeem a gift card of your choice.  Some of the gift cards include a $25 Mariott gift card (for only $20 so you "profit" by $5), a $20 Macy's gift card, a $20 Amazon gift card, a $20 Fragrancenet gift card, a $20 Blockbuster gift card, and a $20 gift card.

Opening emails and searching the web

Superpoints:  This is an invite only website where you open emails with different amounts of points attached

Or you spin a "Super Lucky Button to get points. When you are at the basic level you get 30 spins everyday. To get more you just have to invite friends to join.

Other ways to earn points are by watching short videos and completing special offers.  You can then redeem the points for cash and prizes.

Swagbucks:  With Swagbucks you get points for searching the web using their toolbar or search box on their website, for watching short videos from 30 seconds to 1 minute or so, entering codes that they release on the social media outlets, answering a daily poll, and completing special offers.

Cash back for online shopping

Shop At Home:  This cash back site has coupon codes, printable coupons, rebates, reviews, and you get a percentage of your online purchases from your online shopping.  The cash back percentage varies from store to store and sometimes there are promotions where the cash back percentage will be higher.  The cash out threshold is $20 which is sent as a check.

Ebates:  This site also gives you a certain percentage of your online purchase and as a sign up bonus you also get a $10 gift card or a $5 credit to your account.  For the free gift card you can choose from Barnes & Noble, Target, Home Depot, and  I don't think there is a threshold to cash out because I once got a check for $3.20 and I didn't request it, it was automatically sent to me.

BeeSavy:  Like the other two you will get a percentage of your purchase back which varies by store.  You can choose between receiving a check, PayPal transfer, or you can  donate to charity.

Before buying something online I always check these 3 sites to see which one gives me the best cash back deal.

Are there other websites that you are a member of that you earn money from?  If so please share them in the comments below.