Saturday, April 28, 2012

CVS Trip Week of 4/22/12

For those of you that don't know, I am back in the states which means I am back to couponing, yay!!  I did some shopping last week but I goofed up a little so I figured I wouldn't bother posting that trip.  I got all of this at CVS for only $4 and it retails for $41.48!!  I love couponing and have missed it so much!!  Pictured is 6 Hallmark cards, 2 Physician Formula makeups, 2 16 packs of Tampax Radiant, and 2 18 packs of Kotex U.  The CVS I went to was out of the Blink Tears eye drops that I wanted but they were unloading their truck so I will stop by tomorrow to get them because those will be a $2 Money Maker so it will bring my total for everything to only $2!!  I was in withdrawal for the 10 months that I was in the Dominican Republic and I'm so happy to be back to couponing.